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Accused of Domestic Violence?

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Pennsylvania law harshly punishes those who commit domestic violence, but unfortunately, many are falsely accused. This is sometimes the case when one spouse attempts to gain custody control from the other parent or obtain a favorable divorce settlement. If you have been charged with domestic violence you could face serious consequences with a conviction, so call a Reading criminal defense attorney to challenge the prosecution and avoid a domestic violence conviction.

When you are arrested for a serious offense such as domestic violence, you need a fierce advocate to protect your rights and your future. Attorney Barnes has nearly 25 years of legal experience and time spent working as an assistant District Attorney which means he knows how the prosecution goes about trying to obtain a conviction and this gives him an edge when defending clients. You can trust Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law to fight for the best outcome possible for your case by coupling a deep understanding of criminal law with aggressive advocacy on your behalf.

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence in Pennsylvania is governed by the Protection From Abuse Act which defines domestic violence as any of one or more of the following acts between family or household members.

Actions related to domestic violence charges include:

  • False imprisonment
  • Bodily injury, rape, or incest
  • Physical or sexual abuse of a child
  • Putting a protected person in reasonable fear of immediate serious bodily injury
  • Other actions that repeatedly place a protected person in reasonable fear of harm such as stalking or harassment

For the purposes of domestic violence charges, family or household members includes former spouses, those living or have lived as spouses, parents, and children, others related by blood or marriage, current or former intimate or sexual partners, or any people with a child in common.

The alleged domestic violence victim can procure a Protection from Abuse order to keep you from coming hear them or contacting them. An order can even keep you from owning a firearm, remove your custody rights, and whatever other provisions a judge deems necessary.

Protect Yourself from Domestic Violence Charges

Don't lose your rights for a false accusation. A Reading violent crimes lawyer from Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law can contest your charges to secure a dismissal of your charges. Domestic violence charges are very serious so turn to the firm for high-quality legal counsel and representation!

You deserve a robust defense and the firm can provide it — call today to learn how!

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