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Underage DUI in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a legal drinking age of 21 years old. There are no exceptions to this drinking age, it is illegal for anyone under age 21. Some states often have exceptions with parental permission or for religious or educational purposes, but Pennsylvania does not recognize these exceptions. When illegal drinking is combined with driving, the penalties are serious. One reason that the consequences for underage DUI are severe is the percentage of DUI related fatalities that involve drivers under age 21. Even though under 10% of drivers are under 21, these drivers account for 12% of fatalities involving DUI in the state of Pennsylvania. Due to this, the regulations and penalties for underage DUI are harsh. Looking for a lawyer for a DUI case in Reading? You need the best DUI attorney in Reading to help you defend against your underage DUI. Fight against your charges and team up with a DUI attorney from Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law.

DUI Laws for Drivers Under 21

In Pennsylvania, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is .02% for drivers under age 21. If a driver's BAC level is .02% or above, they can be arrested for a DUI offense. The penalties for an underage DUI are serious and could involve any of the following:

First Underage Drunk Driving Conviction in PA:

  • A prison sentence of up to 90 days
  • A fine between $300 and $500
  • Possible license suspension depending on BAC level

Second Underage Drunk Driving Conviction in PA:

  • A prison sentence between five days and six months
  • A fine between $300 and $2,500
  • One year license suspension

Underage DUI charges can also include further offenses. An underage drinker could have also possessed and used false identification in order to purchase alcohol and this could lead to further consequences. If the underage drinker is still in possession of alcohol, there could be possession charges as well as DUI charges. Some other charges that can also follow an underage DUI could be distribution of alcohol to minors, soliciting alcohol, child endangerment plus the possession and false I.D. charges. There is a lot at stake when facing DUI charges and you need to team up with an underage DUI attorney in Reading to help with your case.

Insurance and Employment Consequences from Underage DUI

Unfortunately, the criminal penalties are not the only consequences an underage drinker can face. When convicted of an underage DUI offense in Pennsylvania, insurance can suffer. Some companies choose to terminate insurance policies if charged with a DUI. Others may keep the policy but then later refuse to renew the policy due to the additional risk after being convicted of an underage DUI. Another consequence seen with insurance companies is raising the cost of the premium because the driver is a higher risk. The raised premium may not last forever, but could be about $100 more for a span of three to five years. Be aware of any changes that your insurance company makes and abide by their regulations. An underage DUI charge can also prevent future employment options. This conviction is put on your criminal record and can appear in a background check. Unfortunately, seeing an underage DUI on record can influence an employer's decision to hire an individual. This makes it even more important to build a solid defense against your DUI charges in PA.

Seek Representation from Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law

Searching for an attorney for your DUI case in Reading? If you were arrested for an underage DUI, you are in need of the best DUI attorney in Reading. I am Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law and I have 18 years of experience assisting clients in DUI cases.

Contact my firm today to see how I can help you in your DUI case.

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