Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Cumru, Exeter and Wyomissing

Are you in trouble and facing criminal charges?

At my firm, Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law, I serve as defense counsel for those facing criminal charges in the areas of Morgantown, Kutztown, Cumru Township, Exeter Township, Wyomissing, and all throughout Berks County. As a former Assistant District Attorney, I have a great deal of experience and knowledge about the criminal justice process, and what it takes to win against a prosecutor who is intent upon getting a conviction. There is truly no substitute for real-life trial experience. There is no doubt that the skills displayed by your criminal defense lawyer will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. When I take on defending a criminal case, I am personally committed to my clients, from start to finish.

I like to win, and I work the long hours in case development so that my client has a better chance of a positive outcome at trial. Whether you are facing charges related to a theft crime, a violent crime, a white collar crime, DUI or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, you deserve to be represented by a criminal lawyer that cares about you and your cause. I know the stress that is suffered by the criminally accused and his or her family, and there is real reason to be worried. A conviction will have a long term impact, and in many cases will include jail or prison, fines, and other penalties. If you are facing criminal charges, I urge you to contact my firm at once. The earlier I can get involved in your defense, the more options that could be available for you.

Your case may have powerful opportunities for the defense, and you owe it to yourself to find out what opportunities exist. If there are significant errors in police procedure, the potential for having the charges dismissed will be higher. I need to review every detail of the case, including all police reports, witness reports, forensic evidence and other information so I can find the holes in the case against you. Contact my firm for more information about defending against a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge.

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