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Have you been charged with a sex crime? It is imperative that you seek competent, experienced and fully committed legal counsel. Sex crimes can include such charges as rape, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, indecent assault, incest of a minor, prostitution, and sexual exploitation. The penalties for sex crimes are amongst the most severe, life-changing and liberty depriving of all criminal sanctions. Looking for a lawyer for a sex crime case in Reading? Contact my firm for the legal representation that you need.

Megan's Law

Obviously, convictions of sex crimes can carry lengthy prison terms. But the newly enacted requirements of Megan's Law for convicted sexual offenders can irreversibly change your life, and deprive you of some of the most basic liberties that we all enjoy as citizens of the United States. Even after serving a term in prison, registering as a sex offender under the new law can result in residency restrictions, loss of employment, the loss of your ability to live with your children, GPS monitoring of your every movement, loss of the right to use the internet, ostracism by your community and friends. The new law requires all convicted offenders to register with a state database that is freely accessible by the public. The state has in some cases required offenders to register even when their plea agreement specifically stated that one would not have to register as a sex offender.

Reading Sex Crime Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a sex related crime, choose an experienced sex crime attorney in Reading who has the competence and experience to safeguard your liberty. In Reading, contact my firm, Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law. I realize how important it is to have the necessary experience and expertise in defending someone charged with a sex related crime. I will personally be involved with every aspect of your case, giving you the personal attention that is so crucial to obtaining a successful outcome in your case.

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