Probation Violations in Berks County, Pennsylvania

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If you are convicted of a criminal offense, then you may be sentenced to jail time. A judge may grant you a probation sentence in lieu of some jail time, however, you will be given certain terms to comply with, and violation of these terms could result in you being required to serve out the remainder of your sentence behind bars. The various terms that could be attached to your probation sentence may include the following, among others:

  • Obtaining and maintaining employment throughout the duration of your sentence
  • Serving a certain number of community service hours per month
  • Contacting your probation officer on a regular basis (such as every week)
  • Remaining within state borders
  • Consuming no alcohol or drugs
  • Maintaining a good record

Sadly, there are many situations in which a simple mistake occurs, such as forgetting to make a phone call to your probation officer or forgetting to show up for community service. When these mistakes are made, the results can be severe, especially if you do not have skilled representation on your side to fight for your rights. Pursue help from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Reading for your probation violation case. I am Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law, and I can provide you with the defense representation that you need on your side.

Is there a warrant out for your arrest in Berks County?

If you have violated any terms of your probation, then there may be a warrant out for your arrest. In many cases, you will benefit your case by turning yourself in; however, it is essential that you discuss your situation with a skilled Reading criminal lawyer before doing anything. I can work with you to determine the best course of action and I can represent you in court to show that the violation was a simple mistake and you had no criminal intent when the mistake occurred. It is essential that you are not thrown in jail due to a small mistake. Searching for a lawyer for your criminal case in Reading? Contact a Berks County criminal attorney from my firm for the representation that you need on your side today!


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