Pennsylvania Drug Possession Laws

Facing charges for drug possession in Reading, PA?

Drug possession is not a minor offense like many make it out to be. If you have been arrested or charged for drug possession, you are at risk of jail time, fines and a tainted criminal record. The specific consequences will depend on the type of drug that you are found with, the amount of the drug and the presence of prior drug offenses on your record. Possession of marijuana is often a more minor offense than being found in possession of a drug such as cocaine or heroin. Regardless of the type of possession offense you are facing, you need an aggressive drug crime lawyer in Reading to represent you. I am Curtis E. Barnes, Attorney at Law and I have nearly two decades of experience defending the criminally accused in Pennsylvania. Feel free to call my firm and discuss the possible defenses for your drug crime case.

Defending Against Drug Possession Charges

Through my experiences in drug possession cases, I know several different defenses that can be made on behalf of my clients. Some of the most effective defenses to these charges include:

  • A lack of intent to be in possession
  • A lack of knowledge of being in possession
  • Insufficient quantity of the drug to fulfill an offense
  • A valid prescription for the drug
  • A valid license to carry the drug
  • The drugs belong to another person
  • An unlawful search and seizure when discovering the drugs
  • Entrapment or duress

It is crucial to build a solid defense when facing drug possession charges due to the serious penalties that can follow.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Pennsylvania

As stated before, the penalties depend on the type of drug and the amount found in possession. Marijuana is generally in a different category when it comes to possession charges and the penalties depend on the amount involved. If the offense involves 30 grams or less, you may be facing a misdemeanor offense punishable by 30 days in jail and up to $500 in fines. If there is more than 30 grams involved, you may be looking at up to one year in jail and fines of up to $5,000.

When other drugs come into the picture, the penalties tend to increase. Controlled substance possession penalties generally follow these guidelines:

  • First offense- jail time of up to one year and fines of up to $5,000
  • Second offense- jail time of up to two years plus fines
  • Third offense- jail time of up to three years plus fines

Fight against your charges to avoid the serious penalties at stake. Contact my firm to set up your initial consultation to see how I can help represent you.

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