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Filing a Criminal Appeal in Reading

When you have been convicted of a crime it is often only the beginning of a long, drawn out process which could ultimately lead to having your conviction overturned for a myriad of reasons. You may have had what is known as ineffective assistance of counsel, where your previous lawyer made a mistake, or you may have been improperly charged.

Reasons for Appealing a Conviction

The judge in your case may have made errors in charging the jury, or allowing certain evidence into your trial over the objection of your prior legal counsel. Hiring an experienced appellate attorney is not a slight or an insult to your trial attorney. Most lawyers do not practice law in the appellate courts, and understand the need for someone experienced in appeals taking over after they have done all they could for you at the trial court level. You need the best criminal lawyer in Reading by your side. I will continue to fight for your legal rights and make certain that you were treated fairly in your criminal court case. I can represent you in the Superior Court and if necessary, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Need an attorney for your criminal case in Reading? Whether you, or a loved one has been convicted and is in need of an experienced appellate attorney, contact me, criminal defense attorney lawyer Curtis E. Barnes, as soon as possible. Sometimes there is only a short time after conviction to file the necessary papers or motions to have your case considered by an appellate court. Some matters may be appealed after a lengthy period if new evidence is discovered which could lead to your conviction being overturned, but the sooner you seek competent appellate legal help obviously, the better chance you will have of succeeding.

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