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Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

For close to 20 years my firm and I have been aggressive advocates on behalf of those individuals in the Reading area who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes and other criminal offenses. ...
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Penalties for Theft Crimes in Pennsylvania

Penalties for Theft Crimes in Pennsylvania Theft crimes are those criminal activities involving the unlawful taking of another person's property or possessions with the intent to either deprive ...
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Misdemeanor Vs. Felony Theft in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania classifies theft crimes based on whether or not the property is are tangible or not. The terms more often used are movable or immovable property. Movable property offenses ...
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65-Year-Old Man Assaulted by 2 Teenagers for a Parking Space

Criminal charges were recently filed against two 17-year-old boys after they assaulted a 65-year-old man for a parking space around the 200 block of W. North Street in Carlisle. The entire assault was ...
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What are the Penalties for a First DUI Offense?

In Pennsylvania, a driver 21 years or older cannot drive with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of.08% or above. Drivers under age 21 cannot driver with a BAC of.02% or above. If a driver is caught ...
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What Constitutes a Probation Violation in Pennsylvania?

When convicted of a crime there are times that the court will give the defendant probation as part of their sentence rather than jail time. Probation is generally seen as a second chance and it comes ...
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Reading Police Focus on Downtown Crime

According to the City of Reading, Pennsylvania website, the law enforcement in this community is trying hard to reduce the amount of crime on Penn Street. The downtown district of Reading attracts ...
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Expungement of Criminal Records through Governor's Pardon

Having a criminal record can be devastating to a person's future career, educational and personal aspirations. Removing a criminal record from one's history should be attempted whenever the ...
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Welcome to My Blog!

If you have been arrested for a crime in Reading, Pennsylvania, then you need to retain legal assistance that can effectively defend your rights and pursue the results that you desire. I am Curtis E. ...
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